Jet Lag Solutions

With global travel so inexpensive and quick these days, jet lag has become something of a pain, especially for work trips abroad when we want to be in tip top form for clients and colleagues. Jet lag is a strange feeling, and very difficult to describe beyond exhaustion, but someone once described it to me as if the soul and the body are separated and they are finding their way towards one another. That sounds about right to me! It’s an utter disconnection and an obstacle in terms of getting things done and working at your optimum. You can read more about Jet Lag here. But there are measures you can take to help ease the symptoms of jet lag or prevent them in the first place before you even leave the country.


Sleeping before you travel is highly recommended considering it might not be easy to sleep en route. Keeping well hydrated too will stave off the effects of the dry air of the plane. I always get swollen cankles, so I wear flight socks to help with swelling and circulation. Without this, it takes days for the swelling to go down and sometimes, this is not an option! Another way to keep the circulation going is to regularly walk around the plane throughout the flight. This will keep the blood flow moving. Taking an aspirin before the flight will also help in this regard and might be just the trick! Aspirin can prevent a DVT - as expalined at this website.


For long spells in a different time zone, again, prepare beforehand. It is thought that cheating the timezone difference, by going to bed earlier and getting up earlier if heading East and later if heading West, is a sure fire way to prevent the usual drowsiness and difficulties sleeping. Going one step further, sleep experts say that by changing your exposure to the light simultaneously, this will train the body to adapt in advance. Furthermore, changing your meal times too will really help this process so that your body adjusts to all of the changes and day to day cues, not just sleep and light. This will also help you sleep. More details are found at the Sleep Foundation website.


Melatonin is a savior for some people who just can’t sleep. It occurs naturally in the brain and also causes the body temperature to drop. This synthetic version is taken one to two hours before bed and works wonders in bringing on that sleepy feeling and preventing those hours of painful insomnia.More information on the use of Melatonin for jet lag can be found here.


If you are looking to get your hands on Meltonin for a trip, it is available on prescription via your GP or regulated online medical companies/ pharmacies, such as this one. With these facilities, the treatment will only be prescribed for 21 days in order to prevent abuse. In the UK it is licensed for use for up to 13 weeks. It but it is recommended that you see a doctor face to face if you plan on staying on the medication for this period of time (which would not be necessary for jetlag). In the short term it is attainable after a medical consultation and might be the answer to jet lag if there isn’t the time or energy to deal with the adjustments outlined above. Sometimes life isn’t that adjustable!